ASC X12 004010

91 Transportation Method/Type Code

Code specifying the method or type of transportation for the shipment

6        Military Official Mail
7        Mail
A        Air
B        Barge
C        Consolidation
D        Parcel Post
E        Expedited Truck
F        Flyaway
H        Customer Pickup
I        Common Irregular Carrier
J        Motor
K        Backhaul
L        Contract Carrier
M        Motor (Common Carrier)
N        Private Vessel
O        Containerized Ocean
P        Private Carrier
Q        Conventional Ocean
R        Rail
S        Ocean
T        Best Way (Shippers Option)
U        Private Parcel Service
W        Inland Waterway
X        Intermodal (Piggyback)
Y        Military Intratheater Airlift Service
AC       Air Charter
AE       Air Express
AF       Air Freight
AH       Air Taxi
AR       Armed Forces Courier Service (ARFCOS)
BP       Book Postal
BU       Bus
CE       Customer Pickup / Customer's Expense
DA       Driveaway Service
DW       Driveaway, Truckaway, Towaway
ED       European or Pacific Distribution System
FA       Air Freight Forwarder
FL       Motor (Flatbed)
GG       Geographic Receiving/Shipping
GR       Geographic Receiving
GS       Geographic Shipping
HH       Household Goods Truck
LA       Logair
LT       Less Than Trailer Load (LTL)
MB       Motor (Bulk Carrier)
MP       Motor (Package Carrier)
PA       Pooled Air
PG       Pooled Piggyback
PL       Pipeline
PP       Pool to Pool
PR       Pooled Rail
PT       Pooled Truck
RC       Rail, Less than Carload
RR       Roadrailer
SB       Shipper Agent
SC       Shipper Agent (Truck)
SD       Shipper Association
SE       Sea/Air
SR       Supplier Truck
SS       Steamship
ST       Stack Train
TA       Towaway Service
TC       Cab (Taxi)
TT       Tank Truck
VA       Motor (Van)
VE       Vessel, Ocean
VL       Vessel, Lake
WP       Water or Pipeline Intermodal Movement
Y1       Ocean Conference Carrier
Y2       Ocean Non-Conference Carrier
ZZ       Mutually defined