ASC X12 004010

639 Basis of Unit Price Code

Code identifying the type of unit price for an item

AA       Bill
AB       Pay
AP       Advise Price
AW       Average Wholesale Price
BD       Before Discount
BR       Broker
BW       Biweekly Price per Unit
CA       Catalog
CP       Current Price (Subject to Change)
CR       Carnet
CT       Contract
DI       Distributor
DP       Daily Price per Unit
DR       Dealer
DS       Discount
EC       Estimated Credit
EH       Shift Differential
ES       Estimated
FB       Fabrication Cost
FO       Formula
FX       Fixed Price
HF       Per 100 Feet
HP       Price per Hundred
HT       Price Per 100,000
KA       Price with Government Furnished Property
KP       Escalated Price
KR       In Stock
LC       Catalog Price per Hundred
LD       Catalog Price per Dozen
LE       Catalog Price per Each
LM       Catalog Price per Thousand
LR       Previous Catalog Price
ME       Midterm Endorsement Price per Unit
ML       Price per Milliliter
NC       No Charge
NE       Not to Exceed
NQ       No Quote
NS       Not Separately Priced
NT       Net
PA       Price per Troy Ounce
PB       Annual Price Per Unit
PD       Price per Dozen
PE       Price per Each
PF       Price Per Foot
PG       Price per Gram
PK       Price per Kilogram
PL       Price per Liter
PM       Monthly Price Per Unit
PN       Price per Ten
PO       Price per Ounce
PP       Price per Pound
PQ       Posted
PR       Promotion
PS       Price Per Thousand Square Foot
PT       Price per Ton
PU       Quarterly Price per Unit
PV       Provisional Price
PY       Price per Yard
QE       Quoted Price per Each
QH       Quoted Price per Hundred
QR       Previous Quoted Price
QS       Quoted Price per Thousand
QT       Quoted
RC       Retail Price per Hundred
RD       Retail Price per Dozen
RE       Retail Price per Each
RM       Retail Price per Thousand
RS       Resale Price
RT       Retail
SA       Semi Annual Price per Unit
SC       Submitted Contract
SM       Semi Monthly Price per Unit
SR       Suggested Retail
ST       Standard
SW       Submitted Wholesale
TB       To be negotiated.
TC       Contract Price per Hundred
TD       Contract Price per Dozen
TE       Contract Price per Each
TF       Per 1000 Feet
TM       Contract Price per Thousand
TP       Price per Thousand
TT       Price Per 10,000
UM       Price per Unit of Measure
VQ       Verbal Quote
WC       Wholesale Price per Hundred
WD       Wholesale Price per Dozen
WE       Wholesale Price per Each
WH       Wholesale
WI       Weekly Price per Unit
WM       Wholesale Price per Thousand