ASC X12 004010

432 Date Qualifier

Code specifying type of date

01       Cancel After This Date
02       Delivery Requested on This Date
03       Invoice Date
04       Purchase Order Date
05       Sailing Date
06       Sold Date
07       Effective Date
08       Purchase Order Received
09       Process Date
10       Requested Ship Date/Pick-up Date
11       Shipped on This Date
12       Terms Discount Due Date
13       Terms Net Due Date
14       Preferred Payment Date
15       Promotion Start
16       Promotion End
17       Estimated Delivery Date
18       Date Available/Constructive Replacement
19       Date Unloaded
20       Check Date
21       Charge Back Date
22       Freight Bill Date
23       Promotion Order Date - Start
24       Promotion Order Date - End
25       Promotion Ship Date - Start
26       Promotion Ship Date - End
27       Promotion Requested Delivery Date - Start
28       Promotion Requested Delivery Date - End
29       Promotion Performance Date - Start
30       Promotion Performance Date - End
31       Promotion Invoice Protection Date - Start
32       Promotion Invoice Protection Date - End
33       Promotion Floor Stock Protect - Start
34       Promotion Floor Stock Protect - End
35       Delivered on This Date
36       Expiration Date
37       Ship Not Before Date
38       Ship Not Later Than Date
39       Ship Week Of Date
40       Original Purchase Order Date
41       Date Invoice Created
42       Buy Period Date - Start
43       Buy Period Date - End
44       Arrival at Destination Yard
45       Notified
46       Actual Placement
47       Released
48       Customs Release
49       Duty Paid
50       Charged From
51       Charged To
52       Ordered
53       Deliver Not Before Date
54       Deliver No Later Than Date
55       Deliver Week Of
56       Actual Free Time Expiration Date
57       Guarantee Expiration Date
58       Price Change Last Order Date
59       Price Change Last Arrival Date
60       Price Change Last Ship Date
61       Price Change Effective Date
62       Accrual Start Date
63       Accrual End Date
64       Must Respond By
67       Delivered By This Date
68       Requested Delivery Date
69       Scheduled Pick-Up Date
70       Scheduled Delivery Date
71       Est. Next Promo. Date Start
72       Est. Next Promo. Date End
73       Est. Next Promo. Ship Date Start
74       Estimated Next Promotion Ship Date End
76       Bill of Lading
77       Pickup Appointment Scheduled Date
78       Delivery Appointment Scheduled Date
79       Pickup Requested Scheduled Date
80       Delivery Requested Scheduled Date
81       Pickup Appointment Granted Date
82       Delivery Appointment Granted Date
83       Equipment Furnished Date
84       Bill of Lading Initiated Date
85       Date Issued
86       Actual Pickup Date
87       First Order Date
88       First Ship Date
89       First Arrival Date
90       Requested Pack Date
91       Superseded Date
92       Spot for Load Date
93       Spot for Unload Date
94       Spot for Storage Date (No Shipment)
95       Spot for Load Exchange Date (Export)
96       Scheduled Pick-up Date, Needs Confirmation
97       Scheduled Delivery Date, Needs Confirmation
98       Scheduled Pick-up Date, Appointment Confirmed
99       Scheduled Delivery Date, Appointment Confirmed
AA       Store Inventory Stock
AB       Warehouse Inventory Stock
BB       Transaction Control Date
BC       Publication Date
BD       Required By
BE       Validated
BF       Pack Date
BG       Backorder Release Date
BH       Offered for Delivery
BI       Inspection
BJ       Shelf-Life Expiration
BK       Warranty Expiration
BL       Manufacture
BM       Contract Physically Completed
BN       Contract Final Payment
BO       Estimated Contract Completion
BP       Contract Closed
BQ       Extended Closeout
BR       Date Delivery Commenced
BS       Product Receipt Date
BT       Acceptance
BU       Rejection
BV       Recorded
BW       Signature
BX       Action
BY       Expected Reply
BZ       Demand Receipt Date
CA       Cutoff Date
CB       Beginning Date of Customer Plant Shutdown
CE       Ending Date of Customer Plant Shutdown
CL       Date Loading Completed
EP       Earliest Pickup Date
KA       Scheduled Service Completion
LA       Last Acquisition
LC       Date Loading Commenced
LD       Last Demand
LP       Latest Pickup Date
PE       Period End
SE       Date Shipped to Port of Embarkation (POE)
TA       Original Transaction
TR       Transfer