ASC X12 004010

368 Shipment/Order Status Code

Code indicating the status of an order or shipment or the disposition of any difference between the quantity ordered and the quantity shipped for a line item or transaction

AA       Multiple Pickup Same Destination
AB       Available to Ship - Billed Quantity
AN       Available Now - No Shipping Schedule
AP       Allocation
AS       Available Now - Scheduled to Ship (date)
AU       Available to Ship - Unbilled Quantity
AV       Available
BK       Back Ordered from Previous Order
BM       Backordered, Manufacturer, Out-of-Stock
BO       Back Ordered
BP       Shipment Partial, Back Order to Ship on (Date)
BT       Billed total
BW       Billed week-to-date
CA       Customer Inquiry - All Items
CB       Components Missing
CC       Shipment Complete on (Date)
CD       Consolidated Freight
CE       Shipment Includes Extra Items to Meet Price Break
CF       Consolidated Load
CI       Customer Inquiry - Shipped Items Only
CK       Cancelled from Previous Order
CL       Complete
CM       Shipment Complete with Additional Quantity
CN       Next Carrier Move on (Date)
CO       Customer Inquiry - Unshipped Items Only
CP       Partial Shipment on (Date), Considered No Backorder
CS       Shipment Complete with Substitution
CT       Combination
CU       Cancelled Line Item
DA       Due for Assortment
DD       Delivered to Destination on (Date)
DE       Deleted Order
DI       Discontinued
DO       Diverted Order
DP       Dispose
DR       Dating Requirements
DS       Out Of Stock Condition
EC       Equipment Capacity
ED       Expect to Ship By (Date)
EW       Expect To Ship Week of (Date)
EX       Expect to Deliver by
FS       Units Not Shipped By Agent - To Be Shipped From Factory
HQ       Held Awaiting Qualification
IC       Item Canceled
ID       Insufficient Information
IN       In Process
IP       Inquiry by Purchase Order
IS       Item Represents Substitution from Original Order
LM       Shipment late
LS       Last Shipment on (Date)
LW       Number of Late Weeks
MC       Missing Components Furnished
NF       Not Yet Published
NN       Not in Process - No Shipping Schedule
NS       Not In Process, Scheduled to Ship on (Date)
NY       No Shipping Schedule
OB       Out of Bill & Hold Goods
OF       Order Sent to Factory for Production on (Date)
OP       Out of Print
OR       Temporarily Out of Stock - Reorder
PA       Purchase Order Inquiry - All Items
PC       Production
PD       Purchase Order Complete
PH       Product On Hold
PI       Purchase Order Inquiry - Shipped Items Only
PK       Packed-to-Date as of (Date)
PL       Part Lot, Stop Off
PN       In Process - No Shipping Schedule
PO       Purchase Order Inquiry - Unshipped Items Only
PP       Purchase Order Inquiry - Specific Items
PR       Partial Shipment
PS       In Process, Scheduled to Ship On (Date)
PT       Part Lot
QN       Quantity Net Due
QP       Quantity Past Due
RC       Released to Carrier (Date)
RD       Revised Expect to Ship By (Date)
RI       Recall
RT       Received Total
RW       Revised Expect to Ship Week of (Date)
SA       Shipment Quantity Increase
SB       Seconds Available to Ship - Billed Quantity
SC       Shipment Quantity Decrease
SD       Shipped Damaged
SE       Replacement Shipment
SF       Shipped and Held in Bond at Contractor's Plant
SG       Shipped and Held as Government-Furnished Property
SH       Shipped (Date)
SI       Shipment Late, Scheduled to Ship on (Date)
SJ       Shipped or Performed as Indicated
SK       Shipment Underrun Quantity
SL       Shipped - to - Date through (Date)
SP       Scheduled for Production at Factory on (Date)
SQ       Scheduled to ship (Summary quantity)
SS       Split Shipment
ST       Stop Off
SU       Seconds Available to Ship - Unbilled Quantity
UB       Unbilled Quantity Balance
UN       Unavailable
UR       Unsolicited Report
WS       Item Invoiced - Shipment to Follow
ZZ       Mutually Defined