ASC X12 004010

309 Location Qualifier

Code identifying type of location

A        Jurisdiction to Receive Credit for Uniform Commercial Code Filing
B        Transmitting Utility
C        Consignor
D        Census Schedule D
E        Uniform Commercial Code Filing Office
F        Current Address
H        Home Address
I        Home Base Address
K        Census Schedule K
L        Local Address
M        Mailing Address
O        Office Address
P        Permanent Address
W        Worldwide Geographic Location Code
10       Nearest Cross Street
11       Secondary Cross Street
12       Range
13       Section
14       Quarter Section
18       Marker Identifier Location
19       Route
20       Route Subdivision
21       Grid Location
22       Page
27       Marker Type
28       Latitude-Longitude Source
29       Map Source
30       Map Reference
31       Grid Source
32       Aliquot
33       Block
34       District
35       Drainhole Number
36       City Block
38       Footage Call Direction
39       Location Direction
40       Outer Continental Lease Location
41       Lot
42       Map Quadrangle
43       Principal Meridian
44       Outer Continental Shelf Area
45       Outer Continental Shelf Block
46       Official Protraction Diagram
47       Quarter Quarter Quarter Section
48       Quarter Quarter Section
49       Section Type
50       Abstract
52       Labor
53       League
54       Survey
55       Tier
57       Tract
58       Universal Transverse Mercator Quadrant
59       Course Direction
60       Area
93       Sender's Location Code
94       Receiver's Location Code
A1       Office
AA       Annual Statements Mailing Address
AC       City and State
AP       All Points
AR       Armed Services Location Designation
B1       Branch
BE       Business Economic Area (BEA) Region Code
BL       Government Bill of Lading Office Code (GBLOC)
BS       Place of Business
C2       Geopolitical Name Code
CA       Country of Origin
CB       Confirmation Mailing Address
CC       Country
CD       Canadian Customs Office Code
CE       Correspondence Mailing Address
CI       City
CL       National Rate Basis (NRB)
CO       County/Parish and State
CR       In Tank Car
CS       Canadian SPLC
CY       County/Parish
DC       Distribution Center Number
DE       Destination (Shipping)
DL       Delivery Location
DO       District Office
DP       Department
DR       District of Residence
DT       Domicile Type Code
EA       Event Location
EL       Employer Location
FA       Factory
FE       Freight Equalization Point
FF       Foreign Freight Forwarder Location
FI       Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 55 (Named Populated Places)
FR       U.S. Custom's Facilities Information and Resource Management Systems (FIRMS)
FS       Freight Station Accounting Code
FT       Foreign Trade Zone
FV       Free Alongside Vessel (Free On Board [F.O.B.] Point)
GL       Freight Station Geographic Location
IA       International Air Transport Association (IATA) Location Qualifier
IB       Issue Location
IM       Military Standard Movement Procedures (MILSTAMP)
IP       Postal
IS       In Store
IT       Intermediate FOB Point
KE       Port of Embarkation
KL       Port of Loading
KP       Government Furnished Property FOB Point
LO       Local Office
MI       Mill
MS       Metropolitan Sampling Area (MSA) Region Code
MZ       Mexican Postal Code
NS       City/State from Points
OA       Origin (After Loading on Equipment)
OF       Other Unlisted Free On Board (FOB) Point
OL       Open and Prepay Station List Code(SCAC & Number)
OP       Other Unlisted Acceptance Point
OR       Origin (Shipping Point)
OV       On Vessel (Free On Board [FOB] point)
PA       Port of Arrival
PB       Port of Discharge
PC       Policy Mailing Address
PD       Place of Delivery
PE       Port of Entry
PF       Parents Address
PG       Primary
PH       Prior Business
PL       Plant
PO       Principal Servicing Office
PP       Pool Point
PQ       3 Digit U.S. ZIP
PR       4 Digit U.S. ZIP
PS       5 Digit U.S. ZIP
PT       3 Digit Canadian Postal Code
PU       6 Digit Canadian Postal Code
RA       Rate Area Code
RC       In Rail Car
RE       Regional Education Service Agency
RG       Region Code
RJ       Region
RL       Rural
RS       Standard Carrier Alpha Code
RT       Route Administrative Message To
SA       Secondary
SB       Suburban
SC       City/State and Points Within
SD       School District
SE       Summer
SG       Storage
SH       School Campus Code
SL       U.S. SPLC
SN       Store Number
SP       State/Province
SS       School
ST       In Storage Tank
SW       Switching District
TA       Tank
TC       Transcontinental Freight Bureau
TL       Terminal Cargo Location
TM       Terminal
TN       Township
TP       Temporary
TR       Rail Territory
TX       Taxing District
UN       United Nations Location Code (UNLOCODE)
UR       Urban
UT       Business Unit
VA       Vacation
VI       Village
VS       Vessel Stowage Location
WF       Wharf
WH       Warehouse
WI       Winter
ZN       Zone Code
ZZ       Mutually Defined