ASC X12 004010

284 Service Level Code

Code indicating the level of transportation service or the billing service offered by the transportation carrier

01       Bulk Commodity Train
09       Premium Surface
3D       Three Day Service
9A       9 A.M.
AC       Air Cargo
AE       Air Economy
AM       A.M.
BC       Business Class
CB       Consignee Billing Service
CE       Courier Express
CG       Ground
CX       Express Service
D1       Delivery Scheduled Next Day by Cartage Agent
D2       Delivery scheduled second day by cartage agent
D3       Delivery scheduled third day by cartage agent
DC       Delivery Confirmation
DF       Deferred Service
DR       Delivery Confirmation Return
DS       Door Service
DT       Delivery Notification Only
ES       Expedited Service
ET       Proof of Delivery (POD) with Signature
FC       First Class
G2       Standard Service
GP       Express Service Plus
GT       Tracking - Ground
IA       IATA
IE       Expedited Service - Worldwide
IX       Express Service - Worldwide
ME       Metro
MW       Multiweight
ND       Next Day Air
NF       Next Flight Out
NH       Next Day Hundred Weight
NM       Next Morning
NS       Not Served
ON       Overnight
PA       Primary Service Area - Next Day by 10:30 A.M.
PB       Priority Mail
PC       Primary Service Area - Next Day By 9:30 AM
PI       Priority Mail Insured
PM       PM
PN       Primary Service Area - Next Day by Noon
PO       P.O. Box/Zip Code
PR       Primary Service Area - Next Day by 5:00 P.M.
PS       Primary Service Area - Second Day by Noon
R1       Passenger Service
R2       Quality Intermodal High Speed 70 Miles Per Hour (MPH)
R3       Other Intermodal and Stack Service
R4       60 Miles Per Hour (MPH) Service
R5       Manifest Freight
R6       Circus Train
R7       Work Train
R8       Commuter Service
RS       Authorized Return Service
SA       Same Day
SC       Second Day Air
SD       Saturday
SE       Second Day
SG       Standard Ground
SH       Second Day Hundred Weight
SI       Standard Ground Hundred Weight
SM       Second Morning
SP       Saturday Pickup
ST       Standard Class
ZZ       Mutually Defined