ASC X12 004010

176 Time Qualifier

Code specifying the reported time

0        Original Transaction
1        Must Respond By
2        Pickup Appointment Scheduled Time
3        Delivery Appointment Scheduled Time
4        Pickup Requested Scheduled Time
5        Delivery Requested Scheduled Time
6        Pickup Appointment Granted Time
7        Delivery Appointment Granted Time
8        Actual Pickup Time
9        Actual Delivery Time
A        Actual Departure Time
B        Released
C        Constructive Placement
D        Estimated Departure Time
E        Estimated Arrival Time
F        Actual Unloading Completed
G        Earliest Requested Deliver Time
H        Customs Release
I        Earliest Requested Pick Up Time
J        Duty Paid
K        Latest Requested Pick Up Time
L        Latest Requested Delivery Time
M        Charged From
N        Notified
O        Charged To
P        Actual Placement
Q        Ordered
R        Actual Arrival Time
S        Scheduled Departure Time
T        Scheduled Arrival Time
U        Scheduled Pick Up Time
V        Actual Unloading Started
W        Effective Time
X        Scheduled Delivery Time
Y        Requested Pick Up Time
Z        Requested Delivery Time
CB       Beginning of Customer Plant Shutdown
CE       Ending of Customer Plant Shutdown
ED       Earliest Delivery Time
EP       Earliest Pickup Time
LD       Latest Delivery Time
LP       Latest Pickup Time