Contact .
Pos: 100 Max: 3
Heading - Optional
Loop: N/A Elements: 5

To identify a person or office to whom communications should be directed Element Summary:

  _Ref_ Id _________Element Name__________ Req Type Min/Max ___Usage___  
  G6101 366 Contact Function Code M ID 2/2 Must use  
      Description: Code identifying the major duty or responsibility of the person or group named
      All valid standard codes are used.
  G6102 93 Name M AN 1/60 Must use  
      Description: Free-form name
  G6103 365 Communication Number Qualifier C ID 2/2 Used  
      Description: Code identifying the type of communication number
      All valid standard codes are used.
  G6104 364 Communication Number C AN 1/80 Used  
      Description: Complete communications number including country or area code when applicable
  G6105 443 Contact Inquiry Reference O AN 1/20 Used  
      Description: Additional reference number or description to clarify a contact number

1. G6103 P0304 -- If either G6103 or G6104 are present, then the others are required.

1. G6103 qualifies G6104.

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