Product Activity Data

Functional Group=PD
This Draft Standard for Trial Use contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Product Activity Data Transaction Set (852) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. The transaction set can be used by a distributor, warehouse, or retailer to advise a trading partner of inventory, sales, and other product activity information. Product activity data enables a trading partner to plan and ship, or propose inventory replenishment quantities, for distribution centers, warehouses or retail outlets.The receiver of the transaction set will maintain some type of inventory/product movement records for its trading partners to enable replenishment calculations based on data provided by the distributor, warehouse or retailer.
  Pos Id Segment Name Req Max Use Repeat Notes Usage                                        
  010 ST Transaction Set Header M 1   Must use
  020 XQ Reporting Date/Action M 1   Must use
  030 XPO Preassigned Purchase Order Numbers O >1   Used
  040 N9 Reference Identification O >1   Used
  050 PER Administrative Communications Contact O 3   Used
Loop ID - N1 200        
  060 N1 Name O 1 N1/060 Used      
  070 N2 Additional Name Information O 1   Used      
  080 N3 Address Information O 2   Used      
  090 N4 Geographic Location O 1   Used      
  100 FOB F.O.B. Related Instructions O 1   Used      
  110 TD5 Carrier Details (Routing Sequence/Transit Time) O 1   Used      
  120 DTM Date/Time Reference O >1   Used      
  130 N9 Reference Identification O >1   Used      
  140 PER Administrative Communications Contact O 3   Used      
  Pos Id Segment Name Req Max Use Repeat Notes Usage                                        
Loop ID - LIN 999999        
  010 LIN Item Identification O 1   Used      
  020 CTP Pricing Information O 25   Used      
  030 PO4 Item Physical Details O 1   Used      
  040 N9 Reference Identification O >1   Used      
  050 AMT Monetary Amount O 10   Used      
  060 PAL Pallet Information O 1   Used      
  070 QTY Quantity O 1   Used      
Loop ID - ZA >1            
  080 ZA Product Activity Reporting M 1 N2/080 Must use          
  090 QTY Quantity O 1 N2/090 Used          
  100 CTP Pricing Information O 25   Used          
  110 SDQ Destination Quantity O >1   Used          
Loop ID - G95 1                
  120 G95 Performance Requirements O 1   Used              
  130 DTM Date/Time Reference O 2   Used              
  Pos Id Segment Name Req Max Use Repeat Notes Usage                                        
  010 CTT Transaction Totals O 1 N3/010 Used
  020 SE Transaction Set Trailer M 1   Must use



The reporting location is required. The reporting location is specified explicitly in the N1 segment using the code RL in N101, or implicitly using the SDQ segment (Table 2) with the location data elements. They are mutually exclusive (the SDQ and the N1 with N101 containing RL).


The quantity for the item identified in the LIN segment is required. Quantity is specified either in the ZA segment (ZA02) or in the SDQ segment.


The QTY segment in the ZA loop is only used to provide the number of orders associated with the quantity in the ZA segment, or the total of quantities in the SDQ segments for the activity. The only allowable code value is OC = Order Count.


The number of line items (CTT01) is the accumulation of the number of LIN segments. Hash total (CTT02) is not used in this transaction set.
When sending item and activity data in the LIN loop, the CTT segment is required.