Reporting Date/Action .
Pos: 020 Max: 1
Heading - Mandatory
Loop: N/A Elements: 3

To specify reporting date and action to be taken Element Summary:

  _Ref_ Id _________Element Name__________ Req Type Min/Max ___Usage___  
  XQ01 305 Transaction Handling Code M ID 1/2 Must use  
      Description: Code designating the action to be taken by all parties
      All valid standard codes are used.
  XQ02 373 Date M DT 8/8 Must use  
      Description: Date expressed as CCYYMMDD
  XQ03 373 Date O DT 8/8 Used  
      Description: Date expressed as CCYYMMDD

1. XQ02 is the reporting date. If reporting a date range, then XQ02 is the start date and XQ03 is the end date.

Transaction Set
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