Equipment or Container Owner and Type .
Pos: 146 Max: 1
Heading - Optional
Loop: 0205 Elements: 4

To specify the owner, the identification number assigned by that owner, and the type of equipment. Element Summary:

  _Ref_ Id _________Element Name__________ Req Type Min/Max ___Usage___  
  MS201 140 Standard Carrier Alpha Code C ID 2/4 Used  
      Description: Standard Carrier Alpha Code
  MS202 207 Equipment Number C AN 1/10 Used  
      Description: Sequencing or serial part of an equipment unit's identifying number (pure numeric form for equipment number is preferred)
  MS203 40 Equipment Description Code O ID 2/2 Used  
      Description: Code identifying type of equipment used for shipment
      All valid standard codes are used.
  MS204 761 Equipment Number Check Digit O N0 1/1 Used  
      Description: Number which designates the check digit applied to a piece of equipment

01. MS201 P0102 -- If either MS201 or MS202 are present, then the others are required.
02. MS204 C0402 -- If MS204 is present, then MS202 is required.

03. MS203 identifies the type for the equipment specified in MS202.

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