Pick-up .
Pos: 085 Max: 1
Detail - Optional
Loop: LX Elements: 7

To specify the pick-up details including time, date, and equipment Element Summary:

  _Ref_ Id _________Element Name__________ Req Type Min/Max ___Usage___  
  P101 108 Pick-up or Delivery Code O ID 1/2 Used  
      Description: Specifies the location or type of pickup or delivery
      All valid standard codes are used.
  P102 109 Pick-up Date M DT 8/8 Must use  
      Description: Date the carrier picks up the shipment from the shipper or supplier expressed in format CCYYMMDD
  P103 374 Date/Time Qualifier M ID 3/3 Must use  
      Description: Code specifying type of date or time, or both date and time
      All valid standard codes are used.
  P104 111 Pick-up Time O TM 4/4 Used  
      Description: Time (HHMM) that the carrier is to pick up the shipment
  P105 206 Equipment Initial O AN 1/4 Used  
      Description: Prefix or alphabetic part of an equipment unit's identifying number
  P106 207 Equipment Number O AN 1/10 Used  
      Description: Sequencing or serial part of an equipment unit's identifying number (pure numeric form for equipment number is preferred)
  P107 21 Number of Shipments O N0 1/5 Used  
      Description: Total number of shipments on this transaction

07. P107 is the number of shipments tendered.

03. P103 is the pick-up date qualifier.

Transaction Set
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